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Who we are...

Goldfinger – how it all began…

Known to many locally as Kathy Goldfinger, Kathy was here first and continues to maintain an address book of loyal, long-term customers who always seek her out. With her husband Bayram at her side, she now presides over a salon befitting her reputation of excellence; complete with an upstairs super salon, complemented by elegant downstairs treatment rooms where every customer can feel safe in the knowledge they are in friendly, expert hands.

It wasn’t always like this. Kathy has been attending to the beauty needs of visiting holiday makers for the best part of two decades, having originally arrived here as a tour representative, her heart was captured by a Simmering Stranger (we all know him as Bayram). She decided to stay. Starting very modestly with a small ‘nail station’ on the pavement in Hisaronu before the myriad of bars, clubs and handbag shops sprang up like mushrooms, Kathy offered manicures and holiday nails with her trademark humour. Through sheer hard work and determination, her reputation and business grew into what it is today. From a rented shop in Hisaronu to the elegant salon space she presides over today, she and her dedicated, English-speaking staff provide a variety of treatments and a polished look to everyone who visits the salon.

A growing reputation for quality beauty treatments at the right price brought an added dimension to the services offered at Goldfinger and wedding planners from far and wide work with the salon to add a very special element to their bridal packages. Goldfinger is now The Salon of Choice for bridal parties who come to this beautiful location for their very special celebration and Goldfinger is very proud to be a part of it.

Best Products – Best Staff – Best Experience

We like our people and you will too! Professionally training our staff is what we are about and we use our winter ‘down time’ to pick up the pace. Many of our staff have been with Goldfinger for many years and our continued investment in their development has paid dividends. Your salon visit will be fun and relaxing and just the thing to set you up for a glamorous holiday. We use imported products that you will be familiar with that deliver the best results every time…What’s not to like?

Relaxation & Rejuvenation

It’s the name of our game. Relax in our beautiful downstairs treatment rooms or experience the buzz of the upstairs salon where laughter and bonhomie fill the air. The sun is shining and the mood is mellow. Our talented team will primp and pamper you so that by the time you leave our salon you simply won’t know yourself!

Enjoy the good life

Our Facilities

The upstairs salon is a cool place to hang out. The Reception area can accommodate you if you arrive a little early and it’s just the place for a cup of tea, or something cool and refreshing. Downstairs however, there is a distinctly different vibe, equipped with three very different private treatment rooms where our technicians and therapists can REALLY get you to your Happy Place. The Massage Room both looks and smells like heaven. It is here that you will be transported to a place of relaxation and calm and inner transformation will be achieved. The Treatment Room on the other hand, is obviously, where the magic of outward transformation takes place. Scrupulously clean and hygienic to hospital standards, this is where we perform everything from a Brazilian Wax to Permanent Make-up treatments. 

Meet the team

Our Team of Trained Experts are here to make you beautiful – read about their talents and don’t be afraid to ask for them by name when you make your appointment

Kathy Salman

Founder and Visionary of Goldfinger Salon. She barely needs an introduction. Her legendary wit is complimented by her ability to put anyone at their ease and lead a team that is as talented as she is. Kathy is fully trained in all of the services that the salon provides.

Bayram Salman

The Lovely Bayram came very late to the hairdressing party! He himself says that he did it all backwards, but you will not find anyone who is more passionate or knowledgeable about what he does. Bayram is one of the most sought-after Wedding Hair Stylists in the area mainly because he has the desire and drive to be the best that he can be. Bayram has trained in cutting at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Manchester and to this day he still believes that the cut is everything. The salon relies heavily on quality L’Oreal products so it seems only right and proper that Goldfinger makes the very best of the training they offer. In the past six months Bayram has enthusiastically embraced their courses in colour technique and cutting trends for 2024 and was even flown by L’Oreal to attend a workshop on groundbreaking formulas in the unique technology of the Absolut Repair Molecular series. You will not find yourself in safer hands whatever your hair care requirements. Bayram takes his craft VERY seriously… Because You’re Worth It!

Murat Tümen

Originally destined to be a car mechanic, we are ever grateful that Murat discovered early in his life that hairdressing is his calling. He grew up in the southern city of Gaziantep but his heart took him to London where he trained at the Rush Academy while learning his craft in their Kingston Upon Thames salon. Many a Turk has left their homeland in search of pastures new but are drawn back to the mountains and ancient culture that lies deep within their soul and so it was with Murat – having met his future wife who was on holiday in Olü Deniz where he was working in a seaside salon, he decided to settle here and bring his high-level hairdressing experience to Goldfinger. We are so glad he did! Murat has been part of the talented team at Goldfinger for 11 years now and has a regular and loyal customer base in the winter and in summer. He brings the talent and flair that he has acquired over the past 24 years and prides himself on his professional approach to every customer he attends.

Mevlut Etçi

We always look forward to the summer when our very own Silver Fox, Mevlut travels half way across the country and joins us from his winter home in Adana where he lives with his wife and two children. He is such a gentleman. A talented and experienced stylist, his blow drying technique is a thing of legend. If your crowning glory needs bounce and vitality – Mevlut is the man for you!

Nermin Salman

As her name indicates, Nermin is very much part of the family as she is married to Bayram’s brother, Ramazan. She found purpose at the salon quite by accident 12 years ago, popping in with lunchtime sustenance for grateful, busy staff and while she was there she made herself useful in the salon by keeping things tidy and making tea. Thankfully, she too caught the beauty bug and trained in-house to do manicures and pedicures. Further training followed and Nermin learned to do a mean facial but what she really excels at is a fabulous, relaxing massage. Trained by the best Thai Massage masters in Turkey - her technique is both skilful and soulful. Her treatment comes from the heart and whatever trials and tribulations have manifested themselves in your life recently, Nermin’s Magic Hands are just what you need to relax and rejuvenate.

Merve Yanık

As is the way with many of the therapists and technicians at Goldfinger, Merve started making tea and sweeping floors 15 years ago but is now one of the most accomplished members of staff, able to deliver a wide variety of Goldfinger treatments. Starting from summer 2022, Merve will be bringing her trademark care and attention to the application of eyelash enhancements to our beautiful brides. She trained in Istanbul to do nail extensions and eyelash extensions but her absolute tour de force is delivering exquisite nail finishes including Rock Star and Cats Eyes (a rather classy finish for holiday nails). Already highly capable with nail treatments, this year Merve has participated in a 5 day Russian Manicure course and passed her practical exam with flying colours so, if it’s top of the range Holiday Hands that you want, Merve is your girl!

Figen Sarı

Figen has been working at Goldfinger for over 17 years now thanks to her exasperated Dad! Her early years in the beauty world started at a salon in Fethiye. She was rubbish! Mainly because training was inadequate and her pedicures were dreadful. Being totally fed up with her lack of motivation, her Dad persuaded Bayram, who then persuaded Kathy to take her on – and the rest is history! Following a trial period at the salon, Kathy recognised her true potential and set the ball rolling to make her the best she could be. She has been trained in Istanbul and Ankara and has been working with brides for the past 10 years. There is nothing she can’t do and she does it well. You will be very lucky indeed if you get Figen as your therapist! Figen is multi-talented and as well as specialising in Bridal Make Up, Microblading and Phi Brows she offers a very discreet, professional waxing experience so whether you want it all off, half off, or a landing strip that would put Dalaman Airport to shame, book an appointment with Figen. Oh, and apparently, she is a Wiz on the till… Her Dad is sooooo proud!

Yağmur Kılınç

Yağmur is the ‘one to watch’ in the Goldfinger Team. Young, ambitious and incredibly talented. Sweeping floors and tidying up was not enough for this dynamic new starter and her determination to learn and deliver has borne fruit. She is currently doing a beauty apprenticeship at college and works at Goldfinger during her holidays. She is fully trained in manicures, pedicures, gel polish and builder gel techniques and is also a wizz at GelX Nail Extensions. She recently attended a Russian Manicure training course in Izmir and passed with flying colours. Not only handy in the nail department, she is now training in lash extensions. She is definitely our very own Rising Star!

Yağmur Arslan

Yağmur joined the Goldfinger family during the winter of 2023. Her credentials are sound as she has been studying Hair and Beauty at college for the past 2 years. Although she is trained in manicures and pedicures, her real passion is hairstyling and she just loves being an apprentice to our top stylists.