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Who we are...

Goldfinger – how it all began…

Known to many locally as Kathy Goldfinger, Kathy was here first and continues to maintain an address book of loyal, long-term customers who always seek her out. With her husband Bayram at her side, she now presides over a salon befitting her reputation of excellence; complete with an upstairs super salon, complemented by elegant downstairs treatment rooms where every customer can feel safe in the knowledge they are in friendly, expert hands.

It wasn’t always like this. Kathy has been attending to the beauty needs of visiting holiday makers for the best part of two decades, having originally arrived here as a tour representative, her heart was captured by a Simmering Stranger (we all know him as Bayram). She decided to stay. Starting very modestly with a small ‘nail station’ on the pavement in Hisaronu before the myriad of bars, clubs and handbag shops sprang up like mushrooms, Kathy offered manicures and holiday nails with her trademark humour. Through sheer hard work and determination, her reputation and business grew into what it is today. From a rented shop in Hisaronu to the elegant salon space she presides over today, she and her dedicated, English-speaking staff provide a variety of treatments and a polished look to everyone who visits the salon.

A growing reputation for quality beauty treatments at the right price brought an added dimension to the services offered at Goldfinger and wedding planners from far and wide work with the salon to add a very special element to their bridal packages. Goldfinger is now The Salon of Choice for bridal parties who come to this beautiful location for their very special celebration and Goldfinger is very proud to be a part of it.

Best Products – Best Staff – Best Experience

We like our people and you will too! Professionally training our staff is what we are about and we use our winter ‘down time’ to pick up the pace. Many of our staff have been with Goldfinger for many years and our continued investment in their development has paid dividends. Your salon visit will be fun and relaxing and just the thing to set you up for a glamorous holiday. We use imported products that you will be familiar with that deliver the best results every time…What’s not to like?

Relaxation & Rejuvenation

It’s the name of our game. Relax in our beautiful downstairs treatment rooms or experience the buzz of the upstairs salon where laughter and bonhomie fill the air. The sun is shining and the mood is mellow. Our talented team will primp and pamper you so that by the time you leave our salon you simply won’t know yourself!

Enjoy the good life

Our Facilities

The upstairs salon is a cool place to hang out. The Reception area can accommodate you if you arrive a little early and it’s just the place for a cup of tea, or something cool and refreshing. Downstairs however, there is a distinctly different vibe, equipped with three very different private treatment rooms where our technicians and therapists can REALLY get you to your Happy Place. The Massage Room both looks and smells like heaven. It is here that you will be transported to a place of relaxation and calm and inner transformation will be achieved. The Treatment Room on the other hand, is obviously, where the magic of outward transformation takes place. Scrupulously clean and hygienic to hospital standards, this is where we perform everything from a Brazilian Wax to Permanent Make-up treatments. 

Meet the team

Our Team of Trained Experts are here to make you beautiful – read about their talents and don’t be afraid to ask for them by name when you make your appointment