Semi Permanent Makeup

Be bold with outstanding long lasting looks

It’s a pretty bold choice to look at semi- permanent make-up but it is an option suitable for the ‘Girl About Town’ as well as ‘Ladies of a Certain Age’. Why so? Here’s the skinny…

Semi -permanent Makeup and Micro-blading

Trend-setters, Influencers and Celebrities all have one thing in common – very little time! But then again, neither do you so why not consider a Semi-permanent Makeup Treatment at Goldfinger?

Also known as Micro-blading, cosmetic tattooing, micro-pigmentation and Semi-permanent makeup. They are all names for exactly the same thing. In short, semi-permanent makeup and microblading is an aesthetic treatment whereby a trained technician will inset long lasting pigments into your skin in order to create the appearance of makeup without you having to spend hours on it every day.

Semi-permanent makeup and Micro-blading are just two very different techniques but create the same effect of beautiful natural hair strokes. The difference in the technique is that Semi-permanent makeup uses a nano needle (which is the smallest needle on the market) and Micro-blading uses a very fine blade.

Our Q&A section will answer many of your queries but feel free to contact us if you have further questions or come in for a no-obligation consultation.

Advantage 1: No application. Wake up, cleanse, moisturise – and you’re good to go.

Advantage 2: It’s waterproof and won’t smudge or run. Perfect for those days at the spa or pool. And won’t YOU look the business on the treadmill…

Advantage 3: In these days of squeezed budgets, save money on cosmetics.

Should you not be a dynamic, go-getting paragon of ambition, it is probably because you have passed all that jostling for promotion palaver and are aging gracefully.

Advantage 4: If you lack a steady hand to get that eyeliner on or just can’t hold the pencil in the right place for precision – then you need worry no more.

Advantage 5: From the age of 40 it is a sad but true fact that our eyesight deteriorates, so many older ladies find it hard to manage their make-up routine. Getting that eye-popping line along the lashes is no mean feat when you wear glasses.

All treatments are carried out in a modern, sterile environment in our beautiful salon treatment rooms after an initial no-obligation consultation with Kathy. The procedure will be explained and you can ask all the questions you want.

Firstly, understand that it is not a tattoo which is ink and applied with a different technique. Permanent make-up is applied with pigments and is applied to the skin far less deeply than a tattoo which affects the way it ages. Pigment does not migrate or change colour and will heal in about 10 days.

Over a period of 18-24 months it will fade to a point where it needs re-applying or you can simply late it fade away.

If you are the type of person that rushes to A&E with a paper cut then, in all honesty, this might not be the treatment for you… Goldfinger technicians practise safe needle use and follow strict practising regulations, while also using only the very best products. Our anaesthetic is medical grade to ensure clients feel the minimum discomfort.

Kathy Salman, the founder, owner and visionary of Goldfinger, is also our expert cosmetic artist. She trained in the UK with Finishing Touches and undergoes continual training to ensure she is skilled in all the latest techniques. She is highly proficient in close work required around lids and lashes and is also up to date with precision microblading individual strokes for eyebrows.

While Kathy works she will make sure you are comfortable and at ease.

Kathy is ably supported by Figen who is professionally trained to perform Microblading and Phi Brows.

Certain medical conditions mean that permanent make-up is not suitable for everyone. Please be assured that if this applies to you no treatment will be recommended. Please book a consultation with Kathy to discuss your individual requirements.

Hair Stroke Brows

If you suffer with thin or missing brows due to excess plucking or pale hair colour, permanent make up will create a natural, realistic looking brow line which will last for several years. There are two styles to choose from and both need two treatments. The best thing to do is pop in for a consultation so that we can establish exactly what type of style or effect would be best for you.

Eyeliner or Eyelash Enhancement Eyeliner

Some of us are blessed with naturally thick lashes that need very little gilding but this treatment delivers a very subtle difference and one that will be decided upon in consultation with your technician. It will depend on what effect you want to end up with. On its own or teamed with the LVL Lash Lift you will look wide eyed and wonderful!