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Our spa Treatments

Our fun and funky salon holds a wonderful secret. Treatment rooms downstairs that offer privacy and serenity. A place where our trained therapists can make you beautiful both inside and out. From waxing and threading those errant hairs that appear just where you don’t want them, to long, luxurious massages and fabulous facials. 

Our air conditioned treatment rooms are a perfect place to escape the summer heat. Come for a treatment consultation and see where it takes you…


Who has time for a relaxing massage when the normal world flies past at break-neck speed? How often have you stood up from your computer with that burning pain between your shoulder blades or a sharp pain at the base of your spine? NOW is the time. Our therapists are highly trained in a range of techniques from classic Swedish to Thai and Shiatsu and who can resist an invigorating Indian Head Massage? You don’t need to physically travel round the globe to benefit from these experiences. Just pop into Goldfinger and the Massage World is your oyster.

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The things we women do in the name of beauty – but ıt’s got to be done unless we want to lumber across the beach like a Neanderthal with a hangover. So, if the treatment is a little uncomfortable, you may as well come to a friendly salon that appreciates that ‘bearing our bits’ doesn’t come easy to us all.

Good waxing require sensitivity and skills. Our therapists will carry out your treatment discreetly and ensure it is as fast, painless and comfortable as it can possibly be.

With waxing we use both strip wax and hot wax, depending on the treatment area and hair type. This ensures effective hair removal, preventing skin damage and reducing the risk of ingrowing hairs.

So whether you want some of it off, all of it off, or want to have a landing strip that rivals the runway at Dalaman – Goldfinger is the place to come. We also do legs and armpits…


Like waxing, this treatment can be a little uncomfortable but this is an Ancient Art and our girls are good at it! Over in a few minutes, the difference it makes to eyebrow shaping is phenomenal, ensuring the definition and shape of the finished brow lasts for weeks.

Perfect For Your Skin


One of the best pieces of advice that your mother probably gave you was to always clean your make-up off at night. Some of us do and some of us don’t – and even those of us that do sometimes skip that vital element of our daily routine. We have all seen those films where the lead actress wakes up in the morning with sexy tousled hair and the most beautifully applied make-up. The reality is that mascara stains down your cheeks and pillow-print cheeks are most certainly NOT attractive! And so it goes, make-up build up and pollution filled streets don’t do us any favours. Time for a facial treatment to cleans those pores and brighten your skin. You have time and we have the knowledge!

Our treatment rooms have been designed to give you a relaxing, spa-like experience from the moment you enter. Choose from three levels of service from the simple (but effective cleansing and nourishing facial) to the deluxe service which will relax you to the point of slumber.

Quality products and trained, knowledgeable staff are the key components of this choice of treatment. All we need is YOU!