Our nail care


We certainly hope you didn’t go to the trouble of getting your nails done before you came! But even if you did, a visit to a fully trained Goldfinger Nail Technician is a holiday experience you won’t forget. The salon is fun, yet relaxing and ensuring your nails are the talk of the town is our goal.

We are here for you

Holiday Nails with a Smile!

We offer every pampering treatment from a modest manicure to a perfect pedicure complete with Nail Extensions, Acrylics and Builder Gels. From a pretty coat of your favourite colour to a long-lasting gel treatment that will see you through Dalaman Airport and all the way back home.

Manicures & Pedicures

Manicures and pedicures are among our most popular treatments – even those with ticklish feet can’t stay away!

Our manicures leave your hands clean, free of dry cuticles and rocking shapely, smooth nails while a pedicure is a ritual for us. Your therapist will ensure there isn’t a bit of dry skin remaining, leaving your tootsies silky-smooth. They will bathe, scrub, file, nourish and massage them into a better place.

The process finishes with an out-of-this-world hand or foot massage that will leave you floating out of the salon feeling fabulous.

Paraffin Wax Treatments

Paraffin wax is the perfect treatment for dry, cracked skin and is deeply nourishing. The use of warm paraffin wax is an age-old remedy for any kind of rheumatism too – it stimulates lubrication to stiff joints and increases the circulation of nutrient-rich blood to painful and problem areas. Check out those dry, cracked heels that have been hidden inside bulky boots all winter. You need to make them sandal ready and a paraffin wax treatment is not only indulgent, it will give you fabulous feet. The perfect addition to compliment your Manicure or Pedicure – your skin will feel so soft and supple, you won’ believe that it’s yours!

Nail Extensions & Nail Art

We use Apres Gel X which are formulated Gel nails. These are applied over your entire nail bed (not just the tips like acrylics or hard gel nail extensions). They come in different shapes and lengths. They are made from the same gel found in gel polish, so this means they are a lot thinner but stronger and better than acrylic They are more malleable and, best of all, they are more natural looking than traditional nail extensions. The extension is applied with a layer of clear gel polish then cured under a lamp to bond to the natural nail. Once cured they can be painted as normal. No buffing, filing or drills. Simples!

Apres Gel X nails grow out over the course of 3-4 weeks. While acrylics have a similar life span, the re-growth is much less noticeable with Apres Gel X nails because they are thinner and don’t lift at the edges. They are not infilled at the end of their life-span but completely removed and new ones applied. Many customers find that their own nails have grown sufficiently enough to simply have a manicure supplemented with a builder gel to add strength to their natural nails.


If you already have nail extensions and just need to update your pre-holiday hands to bring back the glamour, allowing you to shine along with the Turkish sun, we also offer a range of infill options.

Finish off your holiday look with a range of finishes from a simple nail colour or a combination of gel and glitter that makes you feel like a Rock Star

Check out our extensive Gallery Page for Nail Art Inspiration.

Nail strengthening options - now available at Goldfinger

Are you blessed with beautiful nails so don’t need extensions? Lucky you! But with all the sun, sea, sand and swimming pools you just might be glad of some subtle re-enforcement to keep your Holiday Hands looking the business during your stay. Let us introduce you to Halo Easi Build – The new generation of Builder Gels

New Halo Easi-Build creates a strong, durable protector gel for your nails. It is applied like a gel polish and is cured under a UV lamp. It is the natural choice when trying to grow your nails or transition from having nail extensions back to natural nails and will keep your nails natural and strong. Leave it looking fresh and natural or finish it with an elegant French Manicure. You can even opt for any one of the wide range of colours available in our salon. The sky is the limit!

And best of all… Halo Easi Build gel has a vegan compliant formula.

The Nail Grail by CJP – Now available at GoldFinger

A professional treatment that REPAIRS RESTORES & NOURISHES damaged and weak nails from the inside out.

Have you ever dreamed of perfect nails? Life gets in the way of such high aspirations and we are often so embarrassed by the state of our digits that we avoid salon treatments in the mistaken belief that our nails are past redemption. Nail Grail by CJP is just the ticket to nourish nails that have suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune such as extended periods under acrylic extensions or too much time in the washing up bowl!

Free from those nasty chemicals that damage nails still further, Nail Grail by CJP is a clever vegan combination of amino acids to nourish and rebuild, tea tree oil with its natural antiseptic properties and Vitamin E to nurture and nourish. Nail Grail by CJP works by penetrating the nail plate to repair and rebuild from within. It is is a light-cured gel treatment that will be applied and maintained while your nails are restore to good health. It is formulated, developed and made in the UK.

Anyone with weak, damaged or brittle nails.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither can strong healthy nails. This is a course of treatment that our customer has to commit to. It is therefore unsuitable for anyone just here for a short holiday visit to our sunny shores. Customers with time to invest however, will not be disappointed. After an initial consultation to assess the condition of the nails, a course of treatment will be prescribed which will take place over several weeks consisting of three consecutive treatments for best results.

This is like asking if Adele is just another singer! Base coats just mask the problem and gives the top-coat something to adhere to. Nail Grail by CJP comes in a neutral colour and is the ULTIMATE treatment to give you healthy, nourished nails to be proud of. It cannot be used as a base coat and should not have a colour applied over the top.

Once a Nail Grail by CJP course of treatment is completed your nails will be strong and healthy providing the perfect platform for a long-lasting gel manicure.

All you need to do is to massage your cuticles with cuticle oil to encourage healthy growth.

20 GBP per treatment. SPECIAL OFFER for a course of 3 treatments 50 GBP

In summary… the overriding responsibility of any good nail technician is to ensure that clients have the healthiest nails possible but the reality is that we all abuse our nails in the name of being beautiful. This treatment offers your poor under-nourished nails respite and a re-set. We are proud to be the only beauty salon in the area offering this treatment. Let us give you Happy Hands.