Beautiful Eyes – the windows to your soul…


Mascara was always the go-to product to make lashes more noticeable but as time has passed, our ever-increasing quest to present long, thick and luscious lashes has led us to the technique of lash extensions. It is the ultimate way to an outstanding look.

Your lashes mean so much

Confidence is 10% hard work and 90% lashes

Our lash extensions, designed to frame the windows to your soul are of the highest quality and are applied by technicians who have been trained to the highest level to work with the utmost care and gentleness to ensure there is no damage to your natural lashes. They take account of natural growth cycle and applied with a view to the maximum wear time.

Single Lash Extensions - simple and effective

The process is both relaxing and transformative. Take your own lashes to another place and look natural and pretty throughout your holiday without all the faff of applying make-up before you go out! Single lashes are simply applied to your own lashes to achieve the effect that you want.  New young lashes and those about to shed are expertly avoided and the extension is applied with high quality adhesive in a sterile environment. You will need to have infills every 2-3 weeks to keep your pretty new lashes looking their best. Depending on the look you seek to achieve, we offer either a one or two hour treatment. A consultation with your technician will quickly establish what would suit your needs.

Russian Lashes - The Ultimate in Glamour and Volume

Russian lashes take your look to the next level and are applied with a layering technique. These are the answer if you want maximum, natural-looking volume and a high-glamour look.

This multi-lash technique involves applying several ultra-fine lashes onto a single natural eyelash. The synthetic lashes are so light and fine, it means more can be used – but you should still be unaware of them once they’re in place.

Our technicians are always happy to advise and answer any questions you may have about the process so come in for a consultation – you will be glad that you did!

Ten Amazing reasons to have lash extensions:

More time, less maintenance and a bright-eyed look EVERY SINGLE DAY. Need I say more? But I will…

9. Cry, sweat, walk in the rain – and all without a mascara streak to be seen!

8. Feel sexy and confident wherever you are – and you don’t have to put them on or take them off.

7. The application is so easy that we call it a LASH NAP. Have some Me Time and put your feet up while we work our magic.

6. Look naturally beautiful with no effort whatsoever.

5. Professionally applied, they will never look wonky – unlike falsies.

4. You need never poke yourself in the eye with a mascara wand again.

3. No Mascara, false eyelashes or even eyeliner or make-up remover. Think of the cost savings!

2. Your night-time cleansing ritual time is greatly reduced.

1. Your morning makeup routine time is reduced. You can have an extra half hour in bed and still look glamorous!

LVL Enhance Lash Lift

Impactful, beautiful and natural. Perfect framing to light up your soul…

LVL Enhance – the natural Lash Lift treatment that celebrities love

If the ongoing maintenance of lash extensions is more than your busy lifestyle will support, why not consider a Lash Lift? This technique has been around for years meaning that the process and products used have been refined. A relaxing treatment that will be completed within an hour and will make your own natural eyelashes look extended. Longer, natural lashes that make your peepers pop are yours for the asking. They will last for 6 to 8 weeks and need no special maintenance to stay looking very special indeed. A brief consultation with your technician will establish whether you want a natural look or a bit of drama. If you haven’t had LVL Enhance before, you will need a patch test 48 hours before treatment takes place but the products are gentle and carefully tested, so there’ll be no damage to your natural lashes.

Just imagine a ‘no mascara natural look’ for the duration of your holiday and beyond! Care needs to be taken for the first 24 hours but after that you have trouble free, natural lashes with an eye-popping curl!